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A Royal Clean – CleantoGleam cleans the Queen’s barge!

Posted on August 31st 2018

CleantoGleam were honoured to clean the Queen’s 27m (90-ft) barge Gloriana, on 24th August.

The Royal row barge, commissioned by Lord Sterling to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, is estimated to have been built at a cost of 1.5m.

As a company we were aware of the importance of cleaning such a well-known and recognised vessel,” CEO Gary Winter explained. “This was a project to not only clean the Queen’s barge, but to also demonstrate how well our cleaning products work.

Inspired by 18th-century barges, Gloriana features some very intrinsic and detailed sections with sculptures and ornate carvings, as well as delicate materials such as gold leaf and sweet chestnut flooring.

CleantoGleam’s cleaning products are all neutral pH with natural ingredients, which achieve a superior clean, they were therefore ideal for such a boat with precious materials and nook and crannies.

The Hard Paste Wax was notably successful in giving the barge a deep shine. With a formula that includes pure carnauba wax for exceptional durability, the Hard Paste Wax is a premium product that will help to protect Gloriana from all weather conditions. CleantoGleam’s grade sponges and cloths came in extra handy too during the clean.

With the products being specifically formulated for water environments, whilst getting the best clean and being gentle on valuable surfaces, it meant that the job of cleaning Gloriana was a royal success for CleantoGleam!

You can see for yourself if you ever pop by St Katharine Docks in London, or you happen to be lucky enough to see Gloriana making her way up and down the River Thames.
If you would like to achieve a clean that is good enough for Royalty, then you’ll be able to do just that with our Boat Wash, Boat Polish, Hard Paste Wax, RIB Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Interior Cleaner and Deodoriser available at local chandleries. Alternatively you can buy our entire range online, please click here.

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