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CleantoGleam’s Specially-Formulated Interior Cleaner

Posted on June 12th 2018

Keeping the interior spaces of your boat clean is as important as ensuring that the outer surfaces are well-maintained at all times. Clean carpets and upholstery not only improve the appearance of your vessel, but help maintain cleaner indoor air too. We at CleantoGleam have excellent boat cleaning products such as our Interior Cleaner.

What Makes the CleantoGleam Interior Cleaner So Special?

•    Our Interior Cleaner is a superior, specially-formulated product for marine materials.
•    It can be used to clean, upholstery, carpets and vinyl
•    Used by professionals
•    Made with eco-friendly biodegradable products
•    Made in the UK

It’s extremely effective in cutting through stains and spills on different types of upholstered surfaces, so you don’t need to buy multiple products. For more information on our Interior Cleaner and other products, feel free to visit our online store or call CleantoGleam on 0845 0521 222.

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