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Hull Cleaning

Posted on April 11th 2017

As a boat owner, you know exactly how challenging it can be to keep the exterior of your boat clean. The hull is exposed to the elements and the sea water; this affects the appurtenance of the surface. Limescale and salt build-up can ruin the finish and start corroding the surface, if it isn’t removed with regularity.

But you don’t have to stress any longer about this; we at CleanToGleam provide customized Hull Cleaning services. As part of these services we will:

•    Hand wash the hull and the entire super structure  of the boat
•    Clean and  meticulously polish all the outer surfaces
•    Clean all the  fenders and chrome and surfaces
•    Remove the limescale using special effective yet delicate cleaning agents
•    Use a machine compound to bring the surface to a sheen

Free Hard Wax services are included in this service. This detailing and thorough hull cleaning ensures your boat looks as good as new at all times.

Take a look below at before and after pictures:


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