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CleanToGleam FREE Hard Wax Offer

Posted on March 7th 2017

Your boat experiences a considerable amount of wear and tear every time you take it out to the open waters. Things like salt, algae, dirt, scum, and lime can build up on the hull and damage the exterior of your vessel. Regular cleaning and detailing is the best way to keep your boat in great condition and we at CleanToGleam can help. Our fees are £8 per ft which includes a free hard wax, see below.CleanToGleam

Remove Limescale

Sea water is hard so it contains calcium carbonate, the mineral that causes that unsightly white residue that’s called limescale. Our expert cleaners will safely remove these white patches from your boat’s surface and make sure your hull looks clean and new.

Machine Compound Polishing

Machine compound polishing is the best way to remove the more stubborn stains and restore the shine and beauty of your gel coat. We will polish down to the water line and up to the rubbing strip.

Free Hard Wax

We offer free hard waxing with our cleaning services so your boat will look as good as new at a low cost!

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