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Boat Cleaning in Dartmouth and Salcombe

Posted on April 4th 2017

Our last blog article detailed our service for boat cleaning in Southampton. As you can imagine, there is a high demand for our services all over the UK coastal areas but especially in Dartmouth and Salcombe down in Devon, where we’re frequent visitors.


Our vast experience of boat cleaning means we’re spend a lot of time in marinas in Devon. Keeping boats clean and looking good is our business, it’s what we love doing. Throughout the year your boat is exposed to salty air and water which can make your boat look dirty and in some cases damage the exterior.


But we at CleanToGleam provide excellent Boat Cleaning in Dartmouth and Salcombe services. What’s more, we offer all our services to marinas in Dartmouth and Salcombe, for a minimum contract timeframe of 9 months, which includes the following:


•    Hand washing the super structure & hull of the boat
•    Cleaning and polishing all the chrome and glass surfaces
•    Cleaning the canopy and fenders
•    Finishing the surfaces with spray wax


So why wait, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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