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What’s the Best Time To Get Your Boat Cleaned and Waxed?

Posted on August 10th 2017

Cleaning and waxing your boat regularly makes good maintenance sense. It helps stave off oxidation, protects the vessel’s gelcoat, and enhances your CleanToGleam - Clean Boatboat’s resale value. This process isn’t rocket science, however it does require following the appropriate steps and using effective products. While you can turn this into a DIY activity, the job is quite tedious and time-consuming. Hiring professionals like the ones at CleanToGleam is a much better option.

We provide comprehensive boat cleaning solutions at very competitive pricing. Our experts always recommend that boat cleaning and waxing should be carried out in the evening. This is especially true in hotter regions because the soap dries on the surface under the hot sun; the soap buildup can impact the wax and make the surfaces look dull and smeared. Hire us for specialised boat cleaning and detailing solutions today.

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