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Posted on October 21st 2018

Having a clean and gleaming vessel is every boat owner’s priority. This also means you need to have good quality boat cleaning products and we at CleanToGleam have brought to market a range of top notch products.

You will find our ads displayed in your Google Feed and can purchase CleantoGleam products on Amazon, Google Shopping as well as via our online shop and you can buy products like:

  • Boat Wash – It is environmentally-friendly, effective and helps eliminate build-up as well as surface grime.
  • Boat Polish– This polymer and Carnuba formulation makes your boat’s surfaces water and stain-resistant as well as UV-resistant.
  • Hard Paste Wax-This product offers outstanding weather-protection to your boat’s surfaces while delivering a high sheen look.

In addition, we also sell- Glass Cleaner, Interior Cleaner, Rib cleaner, Microfiber cloths, Deodoriser, Sponges and Product bags. For detailed information on these products or our services, visit our online shop or call CleantoGleam at 0845 0521 222.

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