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See How CleanToGleam Can Help Spruce-Up the Look of Your Boat

Posted on September 5th 2017

We at CleanToGleam recognise the fact that as a boat owner you want to ensure your vessel is shiny and clean at all times. To this end we provide nice clean boat - CleanToGleamexcellent, bespoke boat cleaning and detailing solutions at very competitive costs. Boat cleaning is a specialised job and not something you should entrust to novices. We are a company with proven expertise in the field and can transform the look of your boat just like we did with the boat in the adjacent image.

As you can see, we have worked our magic on this vessel and made this boat look shiny and new. All the chrome fittings have been cleaned with special cleaning solutions, the non-slip surfaces are free of grime and a salt build-up; the superstructure has been machine polished and hardwaxed to a gleam. For more information about our services feel free to call CleanToGleam with your boat cleaning requirements.

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