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Why Rib Cleaning Is An Important Part of Boat Cleaning

Posted on June 30th 2017

Your boat’s ribs (Hypalon, PU or PVC inflatable tubes) are quite important and expensive items. If the tube fabric has high levels of oxidation or is heavily soiled that can impact the function and appearance of the feature. Oxidation can become a problem on fabrics, especially ones that are constructed from Hypalon.

This leaves the ribs’ fabric dull and you will also notice a cloudy white film on the surface. But when you can call us at CleanToGleam to clean the ribs, why worry? We are the expert boat cleaners that can deal with all types of rib cleaning requirements.

We use high grade non-toxic cleaners in the work. If the problem is too severe, a specialised solvent would first be applied; this helps remove all the oxidation and removes or reduces other staining. Maintain the value of your investment by keeping your boat ribs clean, serviced, and in good reprib cleaningair.rib cleaning after

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