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Why Rib Cleaning Is An Important Part of Boat Cleaning

Posted on November 12th 2018

Hypalon/PU/PVCinflatable tubes (ribs) are a vital & costly aspect of your boat’s riggings. The build-up of grime and salt on them can affect the protective equipment and docking fixtures on boats. This makes it necessary to clean up these deposits with regularity.

CleantoGleam offers professional boat cleaning products and this includes our specially-formulated, commercial-grade rib cleaner. You can buy this product via our online shop, Amazon, Google Shop and chandleries across the UK.

This concentrated, non-toxiccleaner can be used to clean Hypalon, buoys, vinyl covers, PVC tubing as well as fenders. Choose from 1L (£10.95) or 5L (£45.00)packs that are reasonably-priced and suitable for regular use. You can find details on how to use CleanToGleam’s Rib Cleaner on this page.

Feel free to visit our website or call CleantoGleam at 0845 0521 222 for any more information and we will be happy to assist you.

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