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Why You Need To Wax Protect Your Boat Under Trees

Posted on July 12th 2017

If you are a boat lover it’s obvious that you always keep your pride and joy in prime condition. But every boat owner knows that it isn’t an easy task. Wax Protect Your BoatMerely docking your boat alongside a pier or dock that is situated in a tree-shaded spot can pose a problem. Docking your boat under trees can cause a number of problems such as:

•    Twigs and leaves can drop all over the deck
•    Blooming trees shed pollen on the boat’s surface and damage the paint
•    Bird droppings stains
•    Decaying insect marks
•    Tree sap stains

We at CleanToGleam have the ideal solution for all these common woes. We will first wash the entire boat using the best cleaning solutions and then wax coat all the surfaces. This creates a thin film over the deck and hull and prevents the surface from getting damaged. Our boat cleaning and detailing solutions help keep you boat in prime condition.

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