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Monthly Cleans For Your Boat on The Thames River

Posted on April 18th 2017

Regular use and exposure to the elements, can affect the appearance of your boat, and its structure as well. After all, sea water and the salty air can be corrosive. At first, you may not spot any visible signs of damage, but these elements take their toll and can impact the condition of your boat.CleanToGleam

The best way to prevent this from happening is to hire CleanToGleam for boat cleaning and detailing. We understand boats well and recognise that as a boat owner you want to ensure that your boat is in top condition at all times; in the manner it functions and the way it looks.

This is why we offer monthly cleans for your boat, anywhere on the Thames river. These plans are available starting from £55 per month and we conduct thorough cleaning and waxing of the hull as well as all the chrome surfaces and fenders.

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