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The Importance of Keeping your Boat’s Bathing Platform Clean

Posted on July 19th 2017

Most boats have bathing platforms or swim platforms. While these are part of the boat’s fiber structure, they are very close to the water level when the vessel is in the sea.

Over time that affects the finish, integrity and the appearance of your boat. In some cases, the salt and mold build up can be so bad that it tarnishes the surface of the bathing platform completely. It’s crucial that you keep this platform clean as it:

•    Helps prevent slippage
•    Prevents tarnishing and salt buildup
•    Prevents mold buildup
•    Adds a clean look to your boat
•    Improves the value of your vessel

We at Clean2Glean can provide excellent boat cleaning services and will ensure that the bathing platform is cleaned thoroughly and looks pristine.  We use the best and most effective cleaning solutions and provide services at very cost-effective price points.


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