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High-Grade Rib Cleaner From CleantoGleam

Posted on June 27th 2018

The docking and protective equipment on boats can become impacted by the build-up of salt and grime, if not cleaned with regularity. We at CleantoGleam are the expert boat cleaning professionals that also offer excellent, commercial-grade boat cleaning products to our customers. You can acquire products such as our rib cleaner, via our online store.

This cleaner is ideal for use on Hypalon, PVC tubing, buoys, vinyl covers and fenders. It is available in 1L (£10.95) and 5L (£45.00) packs and is in a concentrated form. Boat cleaning professionals always want efficient cleaning products that will also be gentle on the vessels they clean. In addition, they need cleaning solutions that will be cost-effective too. Our rib cleaner is all this and more.

As professional boat cleaning professionals, for heavy stains we also use our grade 2 sponge, designed to remove any marks and stains.

You can find details onhow to use CleanToGleam’s Rib Cleaner on this page. Feel free to visit our website store or call CleantoGleam on 0845 0521 222 for any more information.

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