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Non-slip Boat Cleaning Services

Posted on May 19th 2017

Having a safe boating experience is a lot about ensuring that the non-skid surface of your boat is squeaky clean. When you allow grime and dirt to accumulate in the valleys of your boat’s non-skid textured surface that impacts its effectiveness. On a pitching deck, that can easily result in a slip into the ocean or even a nasty fall. It isn’t pleasant to step onto a dirty or drab-looking boat either.

Apart from pure aesthetics, when there is a build-up of grime and dirt on the non-skid surface, and someone steps on it, these elements have an abrasive action and will eventually wear the non-skid surface out; this is one more important reason for you to ensure the surface is kept clean at all times. We at CleanToGleam, provide excellent, and competitively-priced non-skid surface clean services. Call us with your requirement today.


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