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CleantoGleam’s Special Marine Boat Polish

Posted on July 17th 2018

The outer surfaces of your boat are constantly exposed to the elements. Over time, the salty sea air and the UV rays of the sun take their toll. This impacts the condition and appearance of the boat’s surface. The one way to mitigate these effects is to regularly polish and wax your boat with top quality products from CleantoGleam.

CleantoGleam’s Marine Boat Polish Facts

  • Carnubra & polymer-based polish
  • Environment-friendly, biodegradable.
  • Silicone free formulation.
  • Water and oil –stain repelling properties.
  • Maximum protection against the UV rays of the sun.
  • Minimises fading.
  • Removes rope marks from the gelcoat
  • Specially developed for metal, plexiglass, marine fiberglass and painted surfaces.
  • Available in 1L packs

The Marine Boat Polish is very effective in keeping all surfaces of your boat protected, shining and smooth at all times. For detailed information on these products feel free to visit our Boat Polish page or call CleantoGleam at 0845 0521 222.

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