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CleantoGleam’s Marine Boat Polish

Posted on September 21st 2018

When your boat is out in the water, it is exposed to the marine environment. Over time, the salty sea air, the spray from the sea and exposure to the elements take their toll and the exterior surfaces of the vessel begin to show signs of deterioration.

One of the best ways to ensure these surfaces aren’t affected by these aspects is to make sure that you get your boat professionally cleaned and polished with regularity. We at CleantoGleam are one of the leading companies in the industry and offer outstanding professional boat cleaning solutions.

Marine Boat Polish

Our specialised marine boat polish is a top quality product that is:

  • A formulation of polymer and Carnuba
  • Biodegradable and environment-friendly
  • Silicone free product
  • UV ray-resistant
  • Helpful in minimising fading
  • Water and oil-stain resistant

For detailed information on our Marine Boat Polish and other boat cleaning products feel free to visit our shop or call CleantoGleam at 0845 0521 222.

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