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Cleantogleam’s Hard Paste Wax

Posted on May 15th 2018

Cleantogleam is one of the leading boat cleaning companies in the UK. In addition to professional boat cleaning services, we also sell a large number of high-quality, effective products you can use in your boat maintenance efforts. Our Hard Paste Wax is a superior product that delivers a high-gloss finish to gelcoat painted surfaces.

This special formulation contains natural carnauba wax; it creates a lustrous, deep sheen that professional detailers aim for. Not only is the Hard Paste Wax very easy to apply, but it also provides your boat’s surfaces excellent weather protection throughall seasons. It has enhanced hydrophobic qualities and its formulation helps you easily recapture the “just-waxed” look.

Its available via our online shop, and is a must-have addition to your boat cleaning kit. For any more information on this and our other boat cleaning and polishing products, feel free to visit our website or call CleantoGleam at 0845 0521 222.

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