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Cleantogleam’s Hard Paste Wax

Posted on July 11th 2018

Your boat has to constantly endure the elements. Just as the salty sea air and water take their toll, the sun’s UV rays can play havoc on your vessel. At this time of the year, the heat and direct exposure to the sun can impact the finish of your boat and cause it to fade.  

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One of the simplest ways to prevent this from happening is to protect your boat with a good coat of wax. We at Cleantogleam have brought to market a range of premium boat cleaning product such as our Hard Paste Wax. This product:

•    Delivers a high-sheen to gelcoat painted surfaces
•    Hard wax is easy to apply
•    Offers excellent weather protection to your boat
•    Has hydrophobic qualities that helps recapture the “just-waxed” look.

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