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CleantoGleam’s Boat Wash

Posted on April 18th 2018

Boat cleaning isn’t an easy task. You need to use the right cleaning techniques and ensure your vessel is cleaned with regularity, before the salty sea air and water take their toll. But what’s equally important is that you use the right types of cleaners. You will find there are a numberof boat cleaning products on the market but hardly any that can hold a candle to Cleantogleam’s specialised Boat Wash product.

This scientifically engineered Boat Wash eliminates salt build-up and surface grime while remaining gentle on various coated & waxed surfaces. It’s also environmentally-friendly and what you get is a gleaming, stunning, streak-free finish.

CleantoGleam Boat Wash also benefits from the following:-

  • Low Ph
  • Neutral – so it doesn’t strip polish and wax
  • Enviromentral friendly
  • Biogradable
  • Contains plant extracts
  • Based on a 30 meter boat a 1 litre bottle it will give 10 washes

We use it to clean literally thousands of boats each year. Now you can purchase this outstanding, high-quality Boat Wash via our online shop. For any more information about our products and professional boat cleaning services, feel free to call CleantoGleam today!

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