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CleantoGleam’s Boat Wash Products Bag

Posted on December 4th 2018

As a boat owner, you need some standard cleaning supplies to ensure your boat is clean and gleaming at all times. CleanToGleam not only provides professional boat cleaning services but also sells a wide variety of commercial-grade products for boat cleaning, polishing,and waxing etc.

These packages are an excellent presentation package. Boat builders can give as an add-on to boat buyers. We like to offer customers value for money and now the product bag with hard paste is available at a discounted rate- down from £155.00 to £99.99 (for a limited time) only.

Product Bag With Hard Waste

These roomy & durable bags include:

•    1L Boat Wash
•    1L Boat Polish
•    1L Rib Cleaner
•    750ml Interior Cleaner
•    750ml Glass Cleaner
•    A pack of 5 Microfibre Cloths
•    750ml Deodoriser
•    Sponges- Grade 1, 2 & 3
•    Hard Paste Wax

For any more information on our products, feel free to call CleantoGleam today on 01491 845550.

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