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Cleantogleam Products Now On Your Google Feed

Posted on August 7th 2018

Every boat owner likes to ensure that their vessel is clean and gleaming at all times. Most try various boat cleaning products, but rarely find the perfect balance of quality, cost and easy accessibility. This is where we at CleantoGlean are different. We have brought to market a wide range of superior boat cleaning products and these are available via our own online store, Amazon and eBay.

Now we have made it even easier for you to source these. When you look for boat cleaning products on Google, you will find CleantoGleam’s product ads displayed in your Google Feed. This will give you easy and quick access to items such as our:

•    Interior cleaner
•    Boat polish
•    Boat wash
•    Hard paste wax
•    Glass Cleaner
•    Microfiber cloths
•    Sponges
•    Deodorizer
•    Rib cleaner
•    Product bags

For detailed information on these products or our services, feel free to visit our shop or call CleantoGleam on 0845 0521 222.

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