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CleantoGleam products displayed at Chandlery

Posted on May 1st 2018

Cleantogleam has always been a leading company in the professional boat cleaning space. With the recent launch of our online shop, we have made it possible for customers to easily access and buy all the boat cleaning products they need.

Our products

Now all of these specially-formulated are for sale in Chandlery. CleantoGleam’s formulations bring out the beauty and shine of the interior and exterior surfaces of your boat. Some of the products you can buy from us include:

•    Boat Polish
•    Rib Cleaner
•    Boat Wash
•    Interior Cleaner
•    Deodoriser
•    Microfiber Cloths
•    Glass Cleaner
•    Hard Paste Wax
•    Product Bags
•    Sponges

All of these surface cleaners, wax, polishing agent and glass cleaners are extremely effective in keeping the surfaces of your boat well-protected and gleaming at all times. For detailed information on these products feel free to visit our website or call CleantoGleam on 0845 0521 222.

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