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CleantoGleam Boat Cleaning Products Now at Chandleries Throughout the UK

Posted on May 15th 2018

Cleantogleam is a premier company in the professional boat cleaning industry. We recently launched our online shop, so customers could have easy access to our superior boat cleaning products. We offer a wide range of effective yet mild products that clean, wax and polishing your vessel. Now, these products are also available at a chandlery near you.

Our products

Our specialised formulations bring out the shine of your boat’s exterior & interior surfaces, the chrome glass and other features. Some of the CleantoGleam products you can source from Chandleries across the UK include:

•    Boat polish
•    Boat wash
•    Rib cleaner
•    Interior cleaner
•    Microfiber cloths
•    Hard-paste wax
•    Deodoriser
•    Glass Cleaner
•    Product bags
•    Sponges

All of these cleaners, waxing agents and polishes are effective in keeping the surfaces of your vessel well-protected, clean and gleaming at all times. For any more information on these products feel free to visit our website or call CleantoGleam at 0845 0521 222.

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