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CleanToGleam’s Weekly Cleans For Boat Brokers

Posted on June 19th 2017

As a boat broker, you connect boat sellers with boat buyers; and to a large extent, whether the boat gets sold or not depends on the condition it is in. A well-maintained boat will always bring in a better price and will get sold off sooner as well. While the actual condition of the boat depends on how well the owners have maintained it, you also need to ensure they are clean and shining when you show potential buyers around the boat.  Not only does this creates a great first impression, but increases your credibility as well.

The one way to ensure that these boats are kept in a great condition is to opt for our weekly cleans. CleanToGleam have the expertise and resources to keep your boats in a pristine condition. We offer great discounts on our weekly cleans- call us with your requirement today!

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