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Why You Should Always Keep Your Fenders and Guard Rails Clean

Posted on June 28th 2017

While the salty sea air is very invigorating and you look forward to heading out to sea in your gleaming boat, this same air can cause a significant amount of harm to the stainless steel components of your boat like the guard rails that actually have a protective oxide coating on them. clean2clean - defenders and guard rails clean

The salt and oxygen in the sea air wear off this protective coating from the stainless steel fixtures of your boat. If this problem isn’t addressed in time, the corrosion will spread and affect the entire handrail installation and impact the look and condition of your vessel.

We at CleanToGleam provide excellent guard rail cleaning services. We use specialised solutions that clean the microscopic particulates out of these metal features, leave a perfect surface, and help mitigate rust. We also ensure that your boat fenders are as clean as the rest of your boat is.

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